Meerkat Fan Photos

The meerkats like nothing better than meeting their public...and Barry has very kindly taken them along to meet many of the Star Trek Human counterparts. Scroll to the bottom for the latest photos (added 27th October 2012)

Scotty Meerkat met William Shatner (who confusingly played Captain Kirk):

Data Meerkat met Brent Spiner (don't they look alike?):

LeVar Burton (Geordi) met 3 meerkats (Dr Beverly Crusher, Geordi and Ezri Dax) and had a fit of the giggles!

Ezri Dax Meerkat met her lovely human self, Nicole de Boer:

Chekhov Meerkat met Walter Koenig:

Jennifer Lien (Kes) meets meerkats Kes and Neelix

Armin Shimerman meets meerkat Quark

Barry and Meerkat 7of9 meet the gorgeous Jeri Ryan. I'm so thrilled that she remembered I'd sent her a meerkat 7of9 - she told Barry!

Michael "Worf Rozhenko" Dorn is one of the few stars who is taller than Barry! You can see two Worf Meerkats in different uniforms - looks like one of those is taller too.

Oh my - just look at Nichelle Nichols, isn't she lovely? Wouldn't we all like to look that great at 80? I updated Uhura Meerkat for this occasion and added her hair. They look like they're having fun!

Not a trekkie, but a meerkat who was fun to knit! Michael Winslow who starred in all the Police Academy movies: Sgt Larvelle Jones.

Barry (holding Neelix meerkat) and Ethan Phillips, who played Neelix, holding Kes Meerkat.

Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker) holding Captain Picard Meerkat, Barry holding RikerKat.

Scott Bakula, aka Captain Jonathan Archer with Porthos the beagle

Avery Brooks, Captain Sisko and the Emissary of the Bjoran Prophets. 
See the meerkat hanging off Barry's neck? That's ConventionCrewKat, or Barry's "mini-me"!

Kate Mulgrew, aka Captain Katherine Janeway