Thursday, 25 September 2014

it's fun to share - new collaborative knitted dinosaurs!

Aren't they gorgeous? I created the pattern using pictures drawn by the talented MissBiss of Etsy shop bissandpieces, 

Each dinosaur (also known as bisosaurus!) is about 4 inches (10cm high) and designed to match Biss's new baby cards,

 "it's a boy" and 

I developed a new-to-me technique to knit them because I wanted to make them as child-friendly (ie indestructible) as possible. The head, body and tail are knitted all in one piece on double pointed needles, then I threaded my yarn right through the body  and started knitting the first arm on the opposite side to the ball  - does that make sense? - leaving the poor dinosaur hanging from the needles! Then once the first arm was finished, I started again on the other side - so the arms are attached by the yarn through the body, as well as being stitched on securely.

I don't have much time for knitting right now as it's nearly house moving time yet again, so for now there is just one of each in stock.

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