Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Moving house again - buy one get one free!

Our year in Herne Bay is almost over, and we're about to relocate to Littlehampton on the south coast.

Rather than pack all those knits, I'm offering you the opportunity to buy one, get one free! 

I have removed all the duplicate listings across Folksy and Etsy (I hope!!) unless I actually have two of whatever-it-is, so there are some different pieces in each shop.

All are ready to ship, first come first served. 

You can either buy both pieces and I will refund the price of the lowest-priced item through paypal, or you can buy one and message me to let me know which second piece you'd like as your freebie. There is a risk that someone else will buy it in the meantime, so please let me know a second choice just in case.

You can mix and match between shops if it helps! This offer will run until the weekend. I will be shutting both shops after the weekend and concentrating on packing - see you from our new house!

 Shop at: Folksy and Etsy


Raige Creations said...

wow, moving again!
good luck.
we think we may have to move in the summer and I am dreading it.
hope it goes well for you.

Heather Leavers said...

yep - yet another year's rental ahead of us, then another move!