Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Me-time at Christmas!

This year I decided to give myself a gift - a stress-free Christmas. I closed my shops early enough so that there was no danger of last minute buyers being worried about their parcels being delivered, and so that I could spend some time not-knitting!

My christmas cake this year has a string of baubles over some (bought in) robins sitting on chocolate logs, and the robin theme continues with my very first attempt at felting, a big robin sitting on a big chocolate yule log.

The mince pies are now sitting in the freezer, ready to go straight in the oven to warm up again.
This also serves the purpose of preventing MrNifty eating them too early ;-)

I've even made myself some Christmassy shooting star earrings (that's not my ear though!)

Have a wonderful Christmas break - and I'll see you all after the holidays. In case you have an urge to spend those holiday gift vouchers at Niftyknits, my shops are all open again :-)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

My spammers are really stepping up ;-)

I love my real-life readers and their comments are much appreciated. Even with the captcha (which I hate) a few spammers manage to make their way through to moderation though...

Here's one of today's offerings (link removed of course!)

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I can only agree...

Sunday, 15 December 2013

My first attempt at needle felting!

I've been trying to find time (and the requisite nerve!) for ages... and today is the day!

Can you tell what it is going to be? I'm not saying yet, because then if it's a disaster I can change my mind!

Enough for one day, I need a sherry. Needle felting, if you didn't know, is HURTY! I have stabbed my fingers and thumbs several times and think I should buy some special suit-of-armour type gloves.

It's fun to try something new though!