Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Whitstable Whimsy

Today's photos are all things that amused me on our walk around Whitstable yesterday. Strickly whimsical.

We've walked past the swimming pool many times but hadn't been to look at the sculpture at the entrance before. It's fab! A deep-sea-diver supports a snorkler who supports a swimmer. The details are great, click on the photos to enlarge them.

Of course someone (no, not me!) had poked pebbles into his helmet - and why not? He doesn't seem to mind! If anyone knows who the sculptor is I'd love to acknowledge him/her, but google couldn't help me today.

When we got to the harbour the first thing I noticed was our "friend" LI114.
We can't help it, we're "of a certain age" and have a seaview - so we have a telescope. We see two little fishing boats most days, checking their lobster pots. LI114 is one of them.

A lorry was delivering a load of shellfish. It looks like they're being delivered straight to the gulls, but they're actually going into the shed then the empty shells come out at the back. 

According to the gulls, not quite empty after all.

Oooh - our other "friend", R14. See you tomorrow!

Still at the harbour - look at the bottom line. I wonder if it's a technical term or a typo? :-)

And another ;-)

Thanks Whitstable, we love you really! 

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