Sunday, 14 July 2013

Oh deer ;-)

Challenges? Love 'em! You name it, I'll knit I was very happy to hear from Rich at Homecrafts last week, telling me the sad story of a deer who was very unhappy - could I help? Oh yes indeed! 

Apparently the young buck had been looking for adventure, and had googled to find out what does a STAG DO for fun....well, it all ended in tears and he rushed home from Brighton with only a plain brown box to ensure his modesty.

The poor deer told me he was bored to tears with the all-white environment of the North Pole and was desperate to bring some colour into his life. He'd tried Wimbledon...but what colour do tennis players wear? White! 

"I need colour, I need FUN - but one stag do is more than enough!"

We put our heads together (carefully avoiding the antlers) and decided that colour is one thing you just can't have too much of.

Test piece was soon knitted: what was the verdict?


Hmmm, not such a good camouflage in the woods any more, but perfect for Brighton. I'm not expecting him back any time soon because he is so proud of his rainbow outfit that he's planning another visit next month for Brighton Pride ... I wonder how he'll get on?

Edited to add - see how some other bloggers decorated their deers here!

Before you ask - no he's not for sale, but other upcycled yarnbombed animals have their own section at Niftyknits:


Wendy said...

that is just amazing! I'm awed that you managed to knit something to fit him. I haven't posted about my deer yet, but it pales in comparison to yours!

Heather Leavers said...

Thanks Wendy - actually, I'm rather enamored of yours, after all, she's got a hat!