Monday, 22 July 2013

From Russia with love

I was very excited last month to send a meerkat to be rehomed in Russia, it's always fun to ship to a new destination.

Today though - even more excitement! I had an email from the kat himself, and his new companion gave me permission to share his news. Over to Albert...

"Hello, my name is Albert not to mistake me for Adolf and I wrote you from Mother Russia. I  reached the place OK , the envelope was fairly comfortable, but the way was long and tiresome and only mustache brightened it up  warming in severe frost and cooling in cold therefore I was especially happy to  reach the place.

Of course I was anxious to know what hands I would be in, but it turned out that the hands belonged to a wonderful girl, who now calls herself my mistress, but we all know the actual state of things ... In any case, I prefer to call her My  Senior Companion. My acquaintance with Russia began with a walk, which fact is vividly illustrated by the following pictures.

I would like  to tell about it in bright colors myself, but my vocabulary limits  me to using only black and white colors, so you just look. The next day My Senior Companion, let's called her Anna, suggested me to join her in a big IT company and now I hold an important position at the monitor. My task is to inspire the people by my  gorgeous looks. And  I cope with it perfectly well, so I am expecting a soon promotion. In general I am quite happy and send you my hello."

Big thanks to Albert and his new keepers!


Cinnamon Jewellery said...

Wonderful!! I wish my jewellery would send me messages from their new homes :D

Bigbluebed said...

Albert is a very dashing meerkat and it is lovely to hear he is happy in his new home.

Heather Leavers said...

Thank you both! It was a real treat to get the message and photos.