Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Jack in the Green

We spent last weekend in Hastings for the annual Jack in the Green MayDay celebration. Sunday's "Drum Off" was a first for us, we were lucky enough to find a prime spot on a path above the square so had a great view (and weren't crushed - I get quite phobic in crowds, so I was very glad not to be down there)
As always, you can enlarge the pics by clicking on them:

Section 5 drummers arrive

Sambalanco came next

I was amused by the conductor, who kept his drummers in order with whistle and counting with fingers - but how else could it be done?

The third group were smaller, only 6 drummers I think, but they made up for numbers by enthusiasm and volume!

I found some youtube footage from the year before - turn up your volume to get the feel of it!

Monday's procession starts with Jack being released. I didn't know that this had been a chimney sweep tradition, marking the coming of spring and therefore the start of sweeping season. The tradition faded when we decided sending small boys up chimneys wasn't such a good idea - but no small boys were damaged in the procession. You can read more about the history here

Here's Jack

there were giants

LOTS of morris dancers...

Hunters Moon Morris dancers (with dog of course!) They're one of my favourite sides, wild and rowdy (yes, that's a good thing).

fabulous costumes everywhere, not just in the procession but many locals dress up too.

Mad Jack's Morris, one of the local Hastings sides. I've knitted a couple of them, years ago!

Did we dress up? 

lil bit!

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Fantastic- wish we could have been there :)