Thursday, 18 April 2013

staying within the lines

Do you love giveaways? I must admit I sometimes think I'm addicted...but you don't win unless you enter! I was very pleased to win JordanDene's superhero ammo belt because it meant I had a perfect excuse for a spot of colouring in!

Perhaps there's a bigger question here - why do I own a steampunk colouring book? You'd have to ask my son, he gave it to me last year. And why not?

I promised some online friends a picture of me wearing it when it came, but I'm afraid I no longer fit into something designed for a 2-9 year old, so I shall be passing it along to a little friend just as soon as I've finished my picture!

You can see in JordanDene's instruction leaflet how to wear it - and actually, Jordan does make an adult sized version, but the giveaway I entered was for a childsized superhero.

Thanks Jordan - if you know someone who would love to wear their crayons instead of leaving them in the sofa for the cat to eat, why not head over to JordanDene on Etsy where she currently has 54 different styles of crayon ammo belts and much much more.

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