Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Book Review: Nordic Knitting Traditions

As with my earlier book reviews I was given the books in return for writing reviews. It's not edited though, these are my real opinions.

Susan has adapted traditional traditional Scandinavian and Icelandic Fair Isle designs to create 25 patterns for a range of accessories including hats, gloves, mittens, socks and leg-warmers. 

The patterns are presented in chart form and although the finished pieces are in a wealth of pattern and colour you use only 2 colours at a time - phew! Not for a novice knitter, but not as difficult as they look on first glance - and certain to impress!

Susan includes tips and hints to help you along the way. When I've knitted fairisle patterns in the past I've generally ended up with tangled yarns, so I was amused to read her suggestion of holding the yarns in each hand, dangling your work and letting it untangle. That's what I always did - but I'd assumed a "proper" knitting designer would have a more sophisticated system...though I don't know what else would work!

Will I be making up any of the patterns? To be honest I don't often take the time to knit for myself, but this tam is beautiful:

Like many of the other projects it's knitted in US fingering weight yarn. I've googled to find a UK equivalent, but came up with a variety of different answers which is worrying - so my advice is to always check by knitting a test piece and adjust your needles accordingly.

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SClubBethan said...

Love that hat. Think I may have to track down the book- definately something I would wear (If I can find the time with my long knitting list!)