Friday, 1 February 2013

Knit and Stitch magazine issue 2

If you saw my post about issue 1 you'll already know I've been given the first two issues of Knit and Stitch to review for you. This time both balls of yarn are for the final patchworks, one knitted in stocking stitch, the other in double crochet. Also included are knitting patterns for a lovely waterfall jacket, a scarf, a man's sweater and a baby outfit, and a crewel work drawstring bag.

I particularly like the waterfall jacket, but was disappointed that the sizing was given in the form of S, M, L etc with no explanation...or so I thought. When I investigated further I realised that the explanation for sizing was in a "know-how" page, but that is in issue 1. So it would appear that unless you buy the full series, there might be problems with referring to information in other issues - be warned. (and LOL guess what? I'm large. Humph.)

I checked online price of the recommended yarn for the waterfall jacket and it'd come to around £60, way out of my budget, but not bad really for a fun project and a beautiful handmade garment.

I decided to crochet the patchwork square, partly because I wanted to use the pretty pink crochet hook! (All my needles and hooks are plain) The instructions said to cast on 30 stitches for a 20cm square, but to change to fewer or more if necessary. Sure enough, 30 stitches was too big for me, so I started again with 26 and that worked out fine as you can see. It also shows that I do indeed work quite loosely, so that is why I ran out of yarn yesterday. (Yes, I know I should have done a test piece, but that's like reading a recipe all the way through before starting cooking, or finishing the sanding-down before painting...)

So, what do I think about the magazine? I've enjoyed having the chance to look it over, and I've enjoyed the challenge of crocheting from a pattern. Would I make any of the other patterns? No, very unlikely I'd say. Not because they're not good designs, but because my knitting time is already accounted for with filling my shops. I think it'd be a good series for someone starting out in their crafting life, who isn't sure just yet which craft they wish to pursue, to give a taster of several disciplines and allow the chance to develop your skills in a structured way in your own time. I've not been converted to a crocheter! Although I enjoyed making the bunny, all the time I was thinking that I could have knitted half a dozen in the time it took me - I'm definitely a knitter!

Anyway - here he (or she) is. Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you what to do to be in with a chance of winning him in time for Easter!


isabel F said...

can I ask was the bunny in knit & stitch or another publication please?

Heather Leavers said...

Hello Isabel, thanks for leaving a comment. If you look back at yesterday's post you'll see that I adapted the knit and stitch pattern for the teddy to make my bunny. All it needed was a slightly different shaped face and ears and tail.