Saturday, 2 February 2013

Giveaway Bunny


Isn't he (or is it she?) cute? Around 8 inches (20 cm) tall this bunny is up for adoption. I adapted the pattern from KnitandStitch magazine's teddy as part of my recent reviews (issue 1 and issue 2) and the one-of-a-kind rabbit is now ready to go to a new home cos he's outgrown my egg (not included).

How can you win?

Your first, compulsory entry is to choose a name for the rabbit and leave it in a comment on this blog post together with a way of contacting you. Any form of contact is fine, email, twitter, facebook whatever. Because I moderate all comments due to the daft amount of spam I otherwise receive, it is possible that you choose a name that has already been picked but not published. That won't matter, because I will put all the names (together with your name) in a hat so I'll know who has chosen the winning name.

Want extra entries for a better chance of winning?
You can do each of these once a day if you want!

Extra entry method #1 Share the giveaway on twitter and leave me a new comment with the link to your tweet* and your contact details with the same name you chose in your first entry.

Extra entry method #2 Share the giveaway on facebook and leave me a new comment with the link to your post and your contact details with the same name you chose in your first entry.

Extra entry method #3 go to my Etsy or Folksy shop, choose something you like and share it on twitter or facebook and leave me a new comment with the link to your post* and your contact details with the same name you chose in your first entry.

*to find the link to a tweet or facebook post click on the time/date of your tweet or post. You should see the link pop up in the address bar. If you can't find it, just come back and tell me you've done it.

Ready, set, go! I'll pick the winner next weekend (9th February). As always, this is open internationally. Good luck! Don't forget - I MUST be able to contact you, or you won't be able to win.

P.S. I know some of you have been looking for the bunny pattern. I adapted the teddy pattern from issue 1. All I did differently was switch to lighter yarn when I started the front of the head (don't cut off the dark pink). I increased to 2 stitches less than the pattern, and crocheted 2 rows fewer. I then returned to using the dark pink, crocheted all around the edge up to the top of the head to the first ear position. Crochet a chain (I did 7, you might want more) then DC back to the base, up the other side to the top and back down again, continue across the top of the head to ear 2, make that one the same and then DC back to the other side of the neck and finish. For the tail, I used a fluffy white yarn and picked up stitches in a circle in the appropriate place (it's easier to do this before you stitch front and back together), crocheted into them for a few rounds till it's big enough and then pulled the yarn through to pull the top together (stuff the tail first!)


joy said...

Hello Nifty, I would like to name the rabbit Kokopan, as thats my granddaughter's nickname, and she loves rabbits xx
I'll share the giveway on FB and twitter
Joy xx

Bigbluebed said...

I name this rabbit..Hector.

Don't know why but it just popped in my head.


Goblinf said...


It's a much underused name for a rabbit in my view.

I doubt I need to tell you where to find me - cos that's me sneaking up behind you :)

Lois/ TootHilMedley

The undomesticated scientist said...

I asked my children. She says pinky, he says Bernard!

Unknown said...

I name this rabbit...

FiFi Lapin

I love her pink onesie!

Emma x

Fluffy said...

Hi Nifty :D

Your bunny is so cute!! I think she should be called... Little Miss Fluffletail :)

You can of course find me on TeamSuper :D and also my Facebook page


Anita said...

I dub this rabbit "Romana."

(Watching some old Doctor Who right now. Can you tell?)

My FB email is: anita.maurer.58 at

Kallisto said...

My name suggestion is Momo, as it's the nickname of my best friend, who loves bunnies - if I won the bunny it would be shipped off to it's new home in Stafford to live with the rest of her cuddly menagerie!

My email is

Bigbluebed said...

I have shared on facebook

My bunny name was Hector.


Bigbluebed said...

And I have promoted something from your etsy shop on facebook too

Hector - rabbit.


Heather Leavers said...


I look forward to discovering the bunny's name!