Monday, 14 January 2013

Moving again

It seems like we've only just unpacked, but we're in the throes of packing again. We've been to the dump 4 times, lots of boxes have gone to charity shops and a fair bit on ebay too!

We'll definitely miss our local beach. We'll be even nearer the sea, but not in such a scenic area.

The new house is better in several ways though: it's more modern and has a better kitchen and bathrooms, but most importantly it will NOT flood and has mains drainage. If you've never lived on a flood plain with a cesspit, believe me - don't go there.

I will be shutting my shops again towards the end of the month for the move, hope to reopen early February - so grab your Valentines Kats quick!

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joy said...

Good luck with the move Nifty xx