Monday, 1 October 2012

Virtual friends

What does "friend" mean to you? 
Someone to hang out with and fight bad guys like Batman and Robin ? 

Friends that are good enough to understand when you're angry, 

Maybe your friends are all sizes and colours, 
like this Gingerbread family ?

Not sure MrNifty will be flattered or not...
but after a gazillion years we are a bit like these paired-for-life skunks!

All these items and many more are from the shop of my virtual friend Supersock, and it was chatting about our virtual friendship that prompted this blog post. I realised I knew none of the "normal" stuff about Supersock that you might expect to know of a "real life" friend, yet we chat every day. I don't know Sock's gender, age, ethnicity, profession, marital status - none of those "normal" things - but does it matter? Not one bit! We're never likely to meet in real life, we're on opposite sides of the pond and I don't even have a passport...but we're friends, and it looks like we're going to be sharing an ice cream!

Check out the mad world of Supersock - and I'd be happy to hear your thoughts on friendship.


Helen Smith said...

Virtual friends are the best! xx

Anonymous said...

yes :) only the best of virtual friends would share half-eaten ice-cream. hahaha :))

cheers to you and your little kat family nifty. Bless you all.