Sunday, 14 October 2012

Hastings Fireworks

We moved to this area in the spring, so hadn't been to Hastings Bonfire night before. It's earlier than the usual 5th November because the various local Bonfire Societies attend each other's festivities, so of course they all need to be on different dates. Hastings coincides with the anniversary of the one historical date we all know in England - 1066, the Battle of Hastings.

The procession was fun, lots of people dressed up with flaming torches. Most of them moved too quickly for me to snap!

I was pleased with this shot of the bonfire with spectators silhouetted against the flames.

MrNifty took the firewoorks shots, I was too busy ooohing and aaaahing! 
The display was fantastic, best I've ever been to.

This last pic is my favourite firework, never seen this one before. The orangey bits descended like vines with sparkly flowers on them, I felt as if I could stretch up my arm and catch one - truly beautiful. The photo doesn't do it justice but it reminds me of the magic!

Big thanks to Hastings Bonfire Society , find them on facebook here.

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Goblinf said...

The fireworks is one of the things I miss about London. They have excellent displays for all sorts of reasons. And you can guarantee that if you decide to go at the last minute to a display half way across London you will invariably meet friends you've not seen for years!