Thursday, 9 August 2012

Competition and Giveaway!

Remember the Homecrafts competition I was invited to enter? You can see the entries here. We were each sent a box of random yarns and asked to work our magic. I asked if I could use other yarns as well (no) and if I could use stuffing and wire (yes)...and as you know, came up with the two meerkats. They're one-of-a-kind because the yarns are so different from my usual.

Anyway, long story short wanna know who won?

 I want to share the love! I'm offering one lucky winner the choice of either of these very special niftyknits meerkats. To help you decide, you can see more pictures of them here.

How to enter?

Two ways. I'll put your name in the virtual hat for each entry, so if you choose to use both ways of entering, you've got two chances!

#1 leave a comment below saying which meerkat you'd like *and* a way to contact you. Don't forget, if your blogger profile is set to private I will NOT be able to find you there. 

#2 Go to any of my shops Folksy or Etsy or Zibbet , select your favourite item and come back here and leave the link. Again, please make sure you leave a way to contact you.

Good luck! I'll choose the winner randomly on Sunday evening (UK time) 12th August. Open to all, international, as always. Thank you once again, Homecrafts!

******************GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED**************
Thanks everyone - I'll announce the winner tomorrow.


PoetessWug said...

Congratulations on your win!! :-) And keep up the crafty good work...My favorite meerkat right now is:

In honor of my hubby. This looks like him these days. LOL

Cat said...

They are both great, so that is really tough, but I say the one on the right.

It was just as difficult to pick a favorite from your shop, I love the Beefeater and the Guardsman!
As a crazy cat lady I had to pick this one, however:

joy said...

Congratulations, Nifty. I love them both, but if I had to choose it would be Pirate meerkat, thanks for the chance to win,
Joy (you know how to contact me) xx

Nicole said...

Yay!!! You won!!

My favorite Meerkat from the comp is the Joseph one, with his dashing coat. :D

And my favorite meerkat right now in your shop is Quark! He just looks so adorable in meerkat form!

You may contact me through my email :D

Unknown said...

I love the one in the hat and my favourite from your Folksy shop has to be Elvis

Well done on your win. Much deserved.

Pants & Paper

Helen Smith said...

Congratulations on the win! I am rather in love with the Pirate Meerkat, he is very dashing ;-)

I do love the new Halloween meerkat, so sweet! Bbut my absolute favourite has to be Sheldon meerkat - Bazinga!

Alison said...

Well done you!

I like both of them - in fact I love all of your Meerkats, so I'm easy! ;)

Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

WHEN I win, I'd like the pirate meerkat please!!!

greedycroc (!@) gmail

Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...

And you know it's virtually impossible to pick a favourite thing in your shop. But I think today, without thinking too hard (cos I'd never be able to choose then) I'll go for this biker meerkat :-) Not least because I appreciate how dreadful knitting black is!

Bigbluebed said...

Congratulations! Well done, a well -deserved win.

Would love to win the little meerkat in his glorious coat, please.

Danielle said...

Congrats on the win!!

I love the pirate & so does my little boy :)

I LOVE The Big Bang Theory so it has to be this one!

Bigbluebed said...

Tthis is a tough one as there are so many Meerkats that I love, and a lizard too. But my favourite is the Supergirl


Vicki said...

Congrats on winning Heather! Your work is wonderful. My favorite (very difficult choice BTW!) is Joseph Kat.

Thanks for sharing one of your winning designs with us!


Vicki said...

OK, I can't pick just one favorite from your shop! Can I list three please?

I like because it reminds me of the 2012 Olympics in London and the queen's appearance with James Bond!

I like because my dad is an avid fisherman and we share a shop together called Think Like a Fish!

Finally, I like because I've just had to give my kitties up for adoption and I miss them terribly!


Anonymous said...

well done you :)
aharrr! i'd like to win the pirate! x

Sharon Goodwin said...

Congratulations Niftyknits; knew you would!

I love the ridiculously fluffy hat on the Jubilee Meerkat Soldier; I'd love to win him:


Leah said...

Yay for winning! I mostly like the pirate meerket...yarrrr...

leahthezombie at gmail dot com

Leah said...

I've always loved your Star Trek meerkats, but if I have to pick just one it definitely has to be Captain Picard with his teacup. Too cute! said...

I like the Joseph Meerkat...or the Pirate Meerkat(johnny depp)...not an easy time deciding. I guess the pirate...

I am a pianist and love this listing:

Barry K said...

Heather, they're both incredible, but I *love* the little piratey fella on the left! You know how to get hold of me, and mini-meerkat me too!

Barry, Promotions & Advertising department, Niftyknits.....

Barry K said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barry K said...

Oh, and my favourite meerkat isn't for sale, (mini-me), so my second favourite is

P&A dept.

Carole said...

I say the one on the left, because the expression reminds me of my daughter's imitation of a meerkat when describing certain of her, ahem, colleagues.

Congratulations on your win.



Nanuk Jewellery said...

Congratulations on your win, what a cool competition! My Mum loves Meerkats (I think those adverts started it....), she would love yours! I think the pirate is my favourite, although the coat for Joseph is very cool, well done!

Nettlecake said...

I realy love the Pirate and my OH really loves the Coat of Many Colours, so either way if we won one, it would be much loved and cherished at our house!

You can get hold of me through twitter - @nettlecake

Sharon Goodwin said...

Congratulations again. My favourite meerkat from your winning entry is the Pirate one. x

Unknown said...

Hi Heather!! Love what you did with the challenge! As always your little kats are just too cute! If I won, I think I would like the Joseph Kat. Super adorable! Thanks for the opportunity!

Sandie at KnitzyBlonde dot com

Unknown said...

My fav Kat in your Etsy shop at the moment is your little Kat with the pumpkin!

Although I must admit a huge love of all the Big Bang Theory Kats too! (Love that show, and got to meet them at Comic-Con last year!)


Sandie at KnitzyBlonde dot com

Marilyn said...

I have always loved the Nativity set meerkats:

Marilyn said...

I like the little one with the coat.
MoggiesTen at america online dot com

Daisie said...

Drop my name in your hat for Jokat and his technicoloured dream coat, he's fantastic!! x

Anonymous said...

hello! this is my favorite:

the pale one with black ears..

:) very proud of you nifty, you deserve to win!! ;)))

Anonymous said...

Well done they are both excellent but if forced to choose I like Joseph as he looks cool in his special coat from Sarah. Email

Jess Clayton said...

I love all of them but this one is gorgeous!
you can contact me by this email:

Jess :D Xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win. I love them all but have to say Joseph is my favorite. Virginia

Wicked Karma Jewelry said...

WTG!!!! That's so awesome!!!! I'm not surprised though, your meerkats are EPIC!!

I would choose the pirate meerkat!! He's amazing and adorable!

It's reallllllly hard deciding which is my fav but I have to say it's Han Solo!

Congrats again darlin'!!
And you can message me on Etsy

Kelsey said...

I love the taller one on the left!
My favorite thing from your store is the zibbet mascot!
Nail Polish Store:

Unknown said... My favorite listing is the shepherds, and I would love to win Joseph Kat with the cool coat.

Unknown said...

I love the left one with his cool red head cover!
My favorite from your shop is this little talented guy here


Love your work! And congrats to the win!

Unknown said...

Ooops, I just left a comment w/o my contact info which is Heidi at

Irene Strange said...

Congrats! I just love the pirate meerkat - awesome work!

Anonymous said...


I love the one on the left best...

And I love this best of course ;)

Abi (who has forgotten all her log ins LOL)

Dancing Rainbows said...

I love both of them. Having the Sales Faerie and my pink Princess Faerie, they could all have tea!! Thanks for the chance :)
Dancing Rainbows

Janet's Creations said...

I have been having a great time -- reading your old blogs and looking at all your fun little critters in their amazing outfits.
Congrats on winning the contest. How could you not?... especially with that little pirate guy.
I love the pirate and the little guy with a pumpkin. Oh heck, I love them all!

Ned said...

Well done, they are both lovely and truly deserved to win. My daughter loves meerkats and she likes the pirate one best.

Thanks for the competition. Nadine of likicrafts

Stephanie - My Calico Heart said...

I love them all, but really like the pirate on the left.

From your Folksy store it has to be
But it was difficult to choose just one.

Many thanks.

Heather Leavers said...

Thanks everyone, giveaway now closed, no further comments will be published. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.