Friday, 20 July 2012

Olympic scarecrows

My satnav died on my last week. I thought I was ok, thought I could remember the rest of the route...and then a road was closed!

All turned out for the best though, as I wouldn't otherwise have gone through Battle, and I'd never have known about their Olympic Scarecrow Festival - aren't they fab?

I liked the way this first one is made with tennis and tabletennis bats for limbs

Some fo the shops had joined in, this was in the window of an opticians. The figure is completely made of old spectacles (but not prescription lenses, they're sent to the third world)

This is my favourite!

Very smart sailor!

Even a pole vaulter!

Horse and rider

Swimmer - now there's a challenge!

The fencer looks perfect in front of Battle Abbey.

See the mileages on the torch?

Wonder what they'll do next year?

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