Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Meerkats meet the stars!

It's convention time again, and MeerkatFriend Barry has taken some new kats to meet their human counterparts. I'll add the new ones here, but you can see the whole lot at once on the Meerkat Fan Photo page

Michael Winslow, Sgt Larvell Jones from Police Academy:

Star of Primeval, Hannah Spearritt. I remember her from SClub7 too! 

Oh my - Jeri Ryan! I'm thrilled that she remembered that I'd sent her a Meerkat 7of9 some while back - she even remembered that her own kat doesn't have hair. I added hair to the design when I heard Barry would be meeting her.

Nichelle Nicols is as lovely now as she was as Uhura in the original Star Trek. I added hair to her design too. I didn't like my meerkats with hair at first, but the ladies do need it I think!

Worf - Michel Dorn - one of the few stars who are taller than Barry!

Thanks Barry! There is a mega convention coming up in the Autumn when Barry will meet all 5 Captains. We've designed each of them as "big" meerkats and Barry is training as a quick-change-meerkat wrangler!

Big Captains available from Etsy and Folksy


Bigbluebed said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That is so exciting! I love meerkats, I love Star Trek!

Goblinf said...

Round of applause for Barry!

bojanglies said...

Is that a Captain Archer beagle I spy there?! Amazing!!

Blackbird Experience said...

Yay! That's all kinds of wonderful :)