Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Birdwatching from the sofa!

We often go birdwatching on our walks, but since moving we've seen so many birds in our garden.

Today there was a greenfinch picking up nesting materials from the hanging basket directly outside the kitchen door. Fortunately he wasn't after the herb seedlings!

He came back several times, we're now the greenfinch equivalent of the local DIY store I think.

A few minutes later I spotted (pun intended!) a great spotted woodpecker in the birdbath. By the time I'd grabbed the camera he'd gone down to the grass. I included the first blurred photo because it shows (to me, anyway) that he was busily drilling away in the ground.

According to my bird book they are "rarely seen on the ground"

Look at that beak!

So beautiful. His (or her) mate was around too, but hid in a tree when I tried to get nearer outside. 
These photos are all taken from indoors, through glass.