Saturday, 21 April 2012


I don't *always* like surprises, but when the postman delivered this package this morning I knew it would be a good surprise!
Don't you love the name of my new house: Stargazy! There are no streetlights or light pollution around here, so we can certainly gaze at the stars. Back to the parcel - isn't it pretty? I wonder who it's from? Who do I know in France?
Oh I see - it's from Louloute Otter!
I'd forgotten, but April 1st (April Fools Day to the UK) is Poisson d'Avril in France, so Louloute sent me some beautiful fishes to stick to the backs of people I wish to prank (look out!) and... chocolate fishes!
Aren't they cute?
We had to test two immediately, but the others deserved special treatment, so I got out my baking equipment for the first time since we moved house...
You'd better be quick if you want a slice, Louloute - MrNifty is very skilled at eating chocolate cake, very skilled indeed. Thank you Louloute! If you're now thinking otters are just what you *really* need to find out more about (or maybe just need instruction on how to make toast), hop over to

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Blackbird Experience said...

I love the wrappers on those chocolate fish! So cute! -- I don't remember the last time I've received a surprise parcel. So lovely!