Monday, 16 April 2012

Rural bliss

So I *still* haven't started knitting again - there is just so much exploring (and nest building) to do!

Our main reason for moving to the seaside was to relocate our daily walks - but we had a niggling worry that we'd miss the countryside.

Luckily we've got the best of both worlds here. Literally just around the corner from our house we found a footpath leading up a field...

I've often shared photos of lambs when we've been walking

but we've never before been able to see the sea at the same time!!

We resisted the temptation to have lunch at the Royal Oak - but if you're in the area they have a great menu which includes a "daily deal" for £4.95. (We had gammon steak, chips and salad last week and it was yummy.)

We headed back past the church through fields to Fairlight and then along the cliffs back to Pett Level.

Isn't this a great viewpoint? All downhill from here I'm pleased to say!

I've zoomed in on the white cuboid house you might spot on the beach - it's the Big White House featured on Grand Designs. We watched the programme when it aired in 2003 (I think?) but had no idea at that time that we'd move here.

I promise I'll start knitting again soon....!


Dottie said...

Your new location looks perfect! We live 2 minutes from the beach and I simply couldn't move away now! Good luck with the unpacking..we moved in Dec and still have boxes left!

PoetessWug said...

Looks like you've found the perfect spot...the best of both worlds. :-)

Helen Smith said...

It all looks gorgeous! I remember that Grand Designs program, the house caused quite a bit of controversy I seem to remember. I loved it though!

Blackbird Experience said...

Lambs AND seaside? Heaven! :)