Thursday, 5 April 2012

Our new neighbourhood

Well, we've finally moved, the computer is back up and running and I've even started knitting again. Time to catch up, and as always you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them:

On Sunday (the day before we officially moved to Pett Level) we walked from Pett to Winchelsea along the Royal Military Canal, built way back when to defend the UK from Napolean Bonaparte. It was a glorious spring day with a brisk breeze - we were putting layers on and taking them off again all day!

The end is in sight - can you see the towers of Winchelsea Strand Gate on the horizon in the photo below? Years ago I took a series of photos starting here for my first website celebrating the Lone Pine Club books by Malcolm Saville. I should probably retake them now I have a better camera, they're a bit washed out!

The photo below is taken from the Strand Gate at Winchelsea, looking back across the canal and marshes to the sea. We had a quick pint in a pub garden, then headed back down the hill again to find the coast.

Yes, it's spring - lots of proud mums around!

The tide was out - we were very pleased to see so much sand, we'd thought we'd moved to a mostly shingly beach!

Nearly there (below). In the distance you can see Cliff End which is where we will leave the beach and turn right to head for our new home. Apparently there are many fossils to be discovered here at low tide, but we will have to time it correctly - it's 3 miles before the cliffs can be ascended again and I'm not that good a swimmer. Certainly not for today, at the end of a five mile walk.

One last photo... I was entranced by the beautiful designs (and I use the word deliberately) that the sea has drawn in the sand - isn't it wonderful?


Nicole said...

Fantastic photos & I love the last one especially! Gotta love Nature's beauty! Hope you are very happy in your new locale!

Helen Smith said...

What a lovely lovely beach! I can see you're going to be very happy! I was a fan of the Malcolm Saville books too, I liked the sense of the area, the place names and the history in them. Although it's a very long time since I read any!

joy said...

Looks great Nifty, hope you will be very happy in your new home. We exchanged contracts today and move on 24th April, I'm so happy xx

Heather Leavers said...

So glad yours has worked out too Joy - it's been a long slog for both of us.
Helen - I rebought the entire set a few years ago from ebay, probably at the time I made the website come to think of it. I still think warm thoughts of David, and wish I was Peter!

l'actrice said...

Lucky you Heather! Have a great start in your new place:-)

Christals Creations said...

I remember those books!! Malcolm Saville. I still have a couple on the book shelf outside my old bedroom at my parents. Glad the move went well. Ours was not too bad. We were half way through unpacking and we were flown home as my brother in law was tsken into critical care which was upsetting for hubby but we are back now and things are looking up. :o)

Chrissy C said...

Lovely pictures - found them via facebook. Know the area, but not too well. I am in Rochester, Kent.

Heather Leavers said...

hiya neighbour!