Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I've almost been knitting :-)

Not a new character, but a redesign. You may have seen the photos of Barry accompanied by meerkats at Star Trek conventions? - well, the next one will be attended by the delightful Nichelle Nichols!

Uhura Meerkat was one of my first designs, so I thought I'd better have another look at her before she met her real-life counterpart.

I've added black trimming to her asymmetrical neckline and sent her to the hairdresser - isn't she lovely?

Available "knit to order" from Etsy, my other shops are currently "ready to ship" only, but I'm happy to transfer her on request.

For those of you who are still confused by the big strong man in the fan photos - no, it's not me, it's Barry. Do those hands look like they can knit tiny meerkats? Really?

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Ticced-Off said...

Really nice. Love anything knitted. Brought a lovely smile to my face!