Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Diamond Jubilee Meerkats!

Queen Elizabeth celebrates an amazing 60 years on the throne this year and there will be festivities across the commonwealth. The village we have recently moved to is holding a lunch with Regal Feast of Puddings!

Of course the meerkats need to get involved.

So far I've created a Beefeater. No, not a meerkat eating roast beef, a yeoman of the Guard - they guard the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. Well, the humans do. As far as I'm aware, no meerkats are truly Beefeaters.

He's available in my Etsy shop here and will be added to my other shops as and when!

The Queen is apparently a big fan of bagpipe music - you can join her in her appreciation whilst still showing your love of the meerkats...
He's also available from Etsy

I'm not sure who else deserves meerkatting - any ideas? I'm thinking of Her Majesty herself (with corgi!) and maybe a Guardsman, complete with bearskin - what would you like to see me knit to add to the Diamond Jubilee Meerkats?


Ticced-Off said...

Really like the bagpipe playing meerkat!. As for others, well maybe Prince Charles, paying special attention to the ears!?

Lesli said...

I agree with you, no one else but Her Royal Ma´amship for this occasion complete with hat and handbag etc :))

Unknown said...

Bagpipe stands out, nice work