Monday, 6 February 2012


We don't get a lot of snow in the south east of the UK, so when the first fall arrived overnight on Saturday we knew we had to get out there and enjoy it.

I love the way the snow softens the edges in some ways... but then

these trees look like they've been highlighted!

The fence reminds me of fake snow sprayed in windows at Christmas.
Nothing fake here though.

I was pleased with the "framing" around the sheep in this next shot

Wish I could say this was my garden pond, but it's the local trout farm.

I love the way the snow is coating each and every surface it could find here!


Our local area is beautiful all year round, but I especially enjoy it under snow.

The sun is already working its magic and much of the snow has gone now. I'm glad I enjoyed it!


joy said...

It looks beautiful, Nifty, and you've had quite a lot too. We had lots on Saturday afternoon/evening, but it turned to rain overnight and most of it had gone my Sunday morning, and now its as if it never was.

Unknown said...

Wow! Am most envious of your snow :) Some great photos too.

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

I love snow photos. These are beautiful! Vic:)

Unknown said...

Wonderful photos! Its really has left the SE quickly in Eastbourne (shame!) Kx

Unknown said...

You have our weather this year! Enjoy it!


Claire said...

You took som beautiful photos!