Sunday, 30 October 2011

something new, something old...

nope, nothing for weddings, despite the misleading title!

Something old is a coupon code for Zibbet, it expires tomorrow so if you have been thinking about adding a meerkat or two to your shopping cart, use this code to get 15% off at checkout. All my Zibbet stock is "ready to ship", and the code is: IBTE03

Something new - due to be listed in all my shops during next week - a range of Christmas tree hanging decorations (all with meerkats, naturally!)

The first one went into Etsy today, he's hanging on a blue icicle!

I've also been adding bead eyes to my meerkat brooches this weekend:

They're also available as keychains, this one is only in Payvment so far. Don't forget there is an automatic 15% discount from that shop if you've "liked" my facebook business page.

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