Saturday, 8 October 2011

the north wind doth blow...

Actually, I don't know which way the wind was blowing, but there was plenty of it on Wednesday at Broomhill Sands. Still no progress on moving home to the coast, so we're making do with lots of days out.

It wasn't exactly warm, but I stand by the Scandinavian proverb: There's no such thing as bad weather, only incorrect clothing.

These two guys were up and away in no time. From our perspective, it sometimes seemed as if the many surfers were bound to crash!

The kite surfers frequently lifted off the sea completely, but never when I was pointing the camera in their direction.

The gulls also seemed to be enjoying the wind, taking off effortlessly (as long as they were facing in the correct direction!) This one was picking up shellfish, flying up,dropping it down to the beach to crack open then retrieving his lunch.

I really liked the patterns the sea made in the sand as it retreated.

This next pattern would make a nice lacy knitted shawl!

Most of all - apart from enjoying watching all those surfers - we enjoyed feeling alone with nature.

A beach is for life, not just for summer!


Nauli said...

A beach is for life...
Love your words :) And agree!

joy said...

sorry to hear you aren't making any progress towards your move to live by the sea. I'm sure it will happen eventually, at least you already live close enough to do the day trips. when I lived in brighton (many years ago) I used to love the beach in autumn/winter when all the holiday makers had gone.

Raige Creations said...

that is a wonderful beach! I would love to live near there....and awesome inspirations for projects.