Saturday, 20 August 2011

Pond life

One of the things I'll really miss when we move is our pond.

Today I watched snails swimming along the surface UPSIDE DOWN which is ridiculous. It looks like they're pulling themselves along just on the surface tension of the water.

Next one isn't so nice - the water boatmen have been drowning tiny froglets and then snacking on them :-( MrNifty says it's nature's way but I prefer frogs to water boatmen.

We have tiny baby newts!

Don't know what this is, a larva of something or other, maybe a beetle? It's not a dragonfly or damselfly larva. It's wandering around with one end at the surface, breathing I assume. It's an inch or so long and I certainly didn't want it on my hand!

Even the meerkats like the pond :-)



Raige Creations said...

awesome creatures!
hope the meer fisherman gets a good catch. :)

PoetessWug said...

My favorite thing about your pond...besides your meerkat fishing at it I mean ^_^ the newts! Slimy cuteness!! :-)