Thursday, 7 July 2011

Real live meerkats!

We went to Drusillas a few weeks ago, the meerkats were determined to sleep through most of our visit but we did manage to find them awake briefly!

I like this next pic - they're either playing at being bookends or it's a pushmepullyou meerkat!

I wonder what you have to do to get to be the one in the middle?
He'll certainly be warm!

Ouch! I hurt my paw!

There is a crawl tunnel (child size!) which emerges in a perspex viewing bubble - it was a bit of a struggle, but I made it in there.

Didn't trample on too many children. Sadly, too many of them had scratched their little names on the perspex for it to be very good for viewing.


Raige Creations said...

adorable! Great pictures and great inspiration for you!

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Info you probably didn't want to know: I used to watch the Meerkat series on T.V. regularly!!! LOL Your photos brought back fond memories.