Friday, 17 June 2011

So *that's* where wool comes from

Our local farm Silcocks had an open day last weekend and we never have to think twice about sampling their hog roast.

I did feel a bit mean when I saw the cute piglets, but I'm not a veggie and Silcocks home-grown organic meat is delicious.

The shearer was hard at work in one of the barns. I hadn't realised he would work suspended in a sling, but I guess all the bending would wreck his back otherwise. He was very quick!

The shearer almost tripped as he moved to the next sheep - he'd actually already started shearing again by the time I'd taken the next shot of the departing sheep.

I like this shot - look at the sheep at the back, pondering whether they're next, and wondering what that chap is doing with their fleece!

Mmmmm, how cute are these little piglets?! They've just started using twitter (the farm, not the piglets), so if you want to find out when the next open farm Day is, I suggest following them here @silcocksfarm


Unknown said...

love this post! those shots of the sheep sheer in action are great! and Im glad the pigletts aren't twittering yet!! ;)

Raige Creations said...

the pictures are great! thanks for sharing.