Friday, 3 June 2011

Meerkats boldly going to SciFi Convention!

Oh my - I'm so excited!

Do you remember when I told you about meerkat-fan Barry who took Scotty Meerkat to meet William Shatner?

You don't?

Here you are then *click here to see the photo*

Barry's just been to another convention - and just look!!!!

Photo above is Barry with LeVar Burton, who plays Geordi LaForge in Star Trek TNG and of course his mini-me Meerkat.

Next is the very lovely Nicole de Boer who plays Ezri Dax in Star Trek DS9 - she looks as if she quite likes being a meerkat!

And finally - LeVar again, this time with 3 MeerTrekies: Dr Beverly Crusher, Geordi, and Ezri. Both humans look like they're having fun! I can't thank Barry enough for getting (and sharing!) these photos, it's almost like I'm really there!

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Raige Creations said...

that is awesome!
I am not a Trekkie, but still, great that your creations get to hang with the rich and famous. :)

Unknown said...

OMG did I forget to say up above that I adore your meerkats..too cute. Oh and that I am a sci-fi geek too LOL! How fun is this. I love it!!! Sarah :)