Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ooooh we got another parcel!

*WARNING* not suitable for those of a nervous disposition ;-)

As you may have read, the meerkats were very excited recently when Graham the snail came visiting, so they were extremely pleased when the postman delivered a parcel. Maybe Graham is back?

As it was such a sunny day we took the parcel out to the decking.

I can see little pink ears! (it's not Graham the snail then!)

I think he's asleep, look at his little closed eyes - let's lift him out.

Oh good grief - a severed head! HELP! HELP!

Quick - get behind the box - I hear rustling - HELP!

Fortunately a Superhero was at hand - and as Axel the Executioner Mouse leapt out of his box Thor Meerkat stepped firmly forward, hammer poised to deal a deadly blow...

Luckily Niftyknits was also around (well, honestly - who do you think took the photos?) and lifted Axel and the severed head out of the way. After seeing he was poised above the pond, Axel promised he'd retire from executing, and only use his axe for chopping logs in future.

We were last month's mouse-winner from the blog of the House of Mouse - why not enter and see if you're as lucky as us? If you can't wait then head over to the House of Mouse and buy one!


sassypackrat said...

I'm a bit jealous of you! I've enter that giveaway forever and still never win. I am glad you won though!

Unknown said...

Well done! I've only recently discovered the House of Mouse, they are fab!

Naomi said...

Hahahaha oh, Heather, that's too marvellous for words ;-) Axel was terribly excited about coming to visit the Meerkats, I am so glad he has vowed to behave himself for you!! Enjoy him, and thanks for the fandom :-)

Naomi @ The House of Mouse xxx

Unknown said...

That is so cute! You did a wonderful job! I know the mice too, they are great (I have the almost naked mice)!

limonada said...

ahahaah so funny!
I love HouseofMouse work!!! Lucky you!

LetaMarieDesigns said...

Such a fun post. Love it!!