Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Foraging for sharks' teeth

We went house-hunting again today, but as it was low tide we started off by visiting Beltinge beach, supposedly one of the best places in Britain to find fossil sharks teeth.

According to the article I linked to above, it's best to kneel or bend down. I soon discovered what happens when you sit on wet shingle!

We were not at all sure we'd find what we were looking for - but MrNifty found the first tooth very quickly, then (luckily!) I found one. We'd have been there all day if I hadn't been successful too! I photographed the first two in my wedding ring to show how tiny they are.

We had an uninvited guest at our picnic lunch:

After lunch we both managed to find another tooth before heading off househunting. You'll be pleased to hear I changed out of my wet shorts! It's quite amazing to think these teeth are from so very long ago - 54 million years according to my link !

Makes me feel quite young ;-)

here's hoping we can move to the sea sooooooon!


Amy, the Greedy Crocodile said...


Andrew Thornton said...

Very cool! Wouldn't it be cool if you used these teeth in one of your sculptural yarn projects? What a set of chomppers!

Oh and my sister lives in Venice, Florida where she showed us the technique of using a dip net to scuttle along the ocean floor. Apparently the waves dislodge them from the rock that they're embedded in and since they are relatively light, they sort of float along the ocean floor a few feet out with the waves. So you've got to skim them out. They've got quite an impressive collection of them. I did the beach-combing thing and only came back with a few. She came back with a big fistful.

Heather Leavers said...

oh that really would be cool! Mind you, if we *do* move to that area I'll be beachcombing non-stop and won't have time to knit!

hmmm, I'm thinking it's time to knit a shark, though I shall need more teeth.

Portable Graffiti said...

Ha! A knitted shark with real sharks teeth. I have a bunch of sharks teeth which I planned to list eventually.