Thursday, 14 April 2011

We've got a lookee-likee

Remember the K Factor last year? Harry Hill Meerkat reached the final five of over TEN THOUSAND entrants, and has enjoyed being recognised and followed by paparazzi wherever he goes ;-)

Niftyknits has even been asked for an autograph...TWICE!

This week a book-shaped package arrived in the mail.

The book was a sweet reminder of the fun of the show.

The week everyone dressed as Harry Hill was of course a highlight for Harry Hill Meerkat!

We also loved "Dancing on Ice". Harry Hill Meerkat was partnered by Tommy Trundle, knitted from a vintage Alan Dart pattern which can still be found on ebay. Alan's other patterns are here: click!

The judges' decision ... Peter the wingless duck! Andy knitted Peter using a Jean Greenhowe pattern, available here: click!.

The book also includes some knitting patterns for "other versions" of some of the entrants, reknitted by the book's commissioned knitter. Here's their version of Harry Hill Meerkat:

If you'd like a genuine Niftyknits Harry Hill Meerkat though, you know where to find them!


laughingfridge said...

Well how cool, you and Harry Hill published in a book! What a kick :)

Pipinopolis said...

What a fab book!!! I remember seeing your Meerkat on the TV and saying I've seen you on Folksy, aww! Loving your knits!