Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My new socks!

Remember the lovely yarn I won from A Geek's Yarn?

I've knitted myself a pair of socks using a free pattern from Knitty (click here) (Please note this pattern is for personal use only.)

I love the yarn, it's so soft and the colours are amazing. I kept finding myself trying to predict what would be next! It's really easy to count rows as each stitch is a different colour from the one below or above.

The pattern was easy to follow too. I got a bit confused at one point but decided "Keep calm and knit on" was the way to go. I continued to knit in rib all the way down the front of the sock as I figured (correctly) that if I made a mistake in the shaping, the rib would still hug the sock into my foot.

There was a new technique to learn at the end - kitchener stitch, which is a fabulous invisible graft. I learn best from the written word, so I used this tutorial (click here) but there are many free videos if you google.

Thanks again, Tiffany, for my lovely yarn!

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Pomona said...

I love knitting socks - especially in that sort of multi dyed yarn.

Pomona x