Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Who wrote to Niftyknits?

Yesterday a letter popped through the Niftyknits letterbox. (If you missed the start of our new adventure, you can read about it here).

Hmmm - a new line. "The Nifty Snail Cozy™"? You name it, I can knit it - but what exactly is a Nifty Snail Cozy™? I guess it's like a hat - and we've got plenty of experience with hats!

There's even a welder's helmet today, hot off the needles last night!

They're not very "snaily" though. I wonder how big Graham is?

We could measure the picture on this card from but it might not be life-size. Let's try google:

Wow. That would take a lot of yarn. Maybe there is a snail in the garden? Here's one - but he's in the pond.

Maybe not. He's a bit damp for a modelling assignment. Pop him back.

We've found a snail! He's bound to be the same size as Graham.

Right let's get knitting! If you'd like to read about the adventures of Graham the snail, he has his own facebook page here and I'm sure would welcome some new friends. We'll be back tomorrow with a prototype of The Nifty Snail Cozy™


The Bunny Maker said...

OH that is adorable! A shell cosy!!
Get those needles clacking!

Barbra said...

And the adventures continue..!

Lisa K said...

I've been so worried about poor Graham. His dedication to the advancement of snail science is commendable but the cold and rain are sure to be making him miserable. Thanks for making a snuggly snail cozy for him!

Heather Leavers said...

Graham really does have a professional attitude to his scientific studies. We could all do well to emulate him :-)

Unknown said...

tee hee, I look forward to seeing a snail cosy!

Daniel said...

I do like static, knitted animals capering.