Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Royal Wedding...Meerkat style!

I don't know if you missed the news ;-) but Prince William is getting wed.

The Palace haven't released details of what anybody is wearing, and he has quite a few military uniforms to choose from.

HelloMagazine asked readers to vote, but I don't think they'll have the final say...

Deciding how to knit MeerkatKate was rather easier! She's wearing a stylish white off-the-shoulders dress which is much longer at the back, extending to a long train. She has a further train of sequined netting which is matched by her long veil. As these are hard times in the UK she has settled for a simple necklace of silver beads and a small posy of mixed wildflowers which she carries with her left hand in front to show off the engagement bling.

Whichever uniform Prince Willaim wears, he'll no doubt wear his Jubilee medal, the blue sash which shows he is a Knight of the Garter and the Star which shows he is a Royal serving member of the Armed Forces.

The Royal Meerkats are favouring the the Air Force uniform, with its longline belted tunic...

...or maybe the Royal Navy? You'll note he isn't wearing the sash here - the butler had spent a long time shining up the double-breasted buttons and he promised not to cover them up.

Available only at Zibbet at the moment (see more pics there) but will come to my Etsy and Folksy shops soon if you can wait!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

my tadpoles are hatching!

Well, sort of. The spawn is now at that "comma-shaped" stage, but a few very brave early taddies are wriggling free.

Met this little chap yesterday - look at that face!

Saturday, 19 March 2011


So many signs of spring in the Kent countryside today...

The first wood anemones of the year - the woods will be full of them soon.



and the first butterflies of the year, sunning themselves with the primroses.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fossil find!

I've looked for fossils on the beach so many times over the years, never found a single one.

Today I found one in the garden! Maybe I'll be more inclined to weed amongst our pebbles in future.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

The trials of the changing room

Finally Graham had samples from The Nifty Snail Cozy™ range to try on.

Graham had admitted he was a football fan and is (of course) a Shelsea supporter, so Nifty made him a useful cozy with jingly bells (well, it's not easy holding a football rattle when you don't have any hands).

Graham is also very fond of parties so he tried a cozy that would really get him noticed. He wasn't entirely sure it was quite *him*, maybe it was more Maud's style?

Graham had mentioned that he might go to the coast on his travels, but was very worried about the seagulls. His lovely green shell would make him a tempting target.

Fortunately the Nifty Snail Cozy™ range includes cozies for every eventuality. Look closely at the next photo - it's quite uncanny how well-disguised Graham can be!

After the rigours of the changing room Graham needed a lie down before his journey home - enjoy your adventures Graham, we'll miss you!

Keep up with Graham's adventures on his facebook page and of course don't forget Niftyknits welcomes commissions - you name it, I'll knit it!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Another package through the letterbox

Today is the day we expect Graham for breakfast, so you can imagine we were all avidly listening for the postman. (If you're not up to date with the adventures of Graham, check back for part 1 part 2 part 3

Is it?


Graham was a little shell-shocked and not very steady on his foot after his journey, so he hitched a lift to the breakfast table. We'd been told he liked scones, but when he saw the porridge he decided that would make a nice change.

After breakfast we got down to millinery.

Graham had already said he thought the prototype hat was rather pointier than called-for, and as you can see he wasn't wrong!

The meerkats found a hat that was definitely larger

but its owner discovered her Easter bonnet was missing and wanted it back!

Graham is a decidedly masculine snail in any case, so he wasn't really in the market for floral accessories. He did rather like the colours of the prototype though, he's not a shy and retiring snail. Nifty got to work and came up with a larger version.

Graham loved his new Hi-Visibility Nifty Snail Cozy™ but he was here...maybe...possibly...there might be some other cozies for days when he wasn't wanting to be *quite* so visible?

So while Graham practiced watching out for traffic, Nifty got to work.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

A disappointment - but even more excitement!

As you know, we're busy designing The Nifty Snail Cozy™ for our new commissioner, Graham. We sent Graham this photo of our model wearing the prototype:

and he said he likes the colours...but he feels it's just too pointy.

So that's the disappointment...but the excitement is that Graham is going to pop over, by snail mail, for a personal fitting!

It's not every day we can say we're looking forward to having a snail for breakfast tomorrow.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Who wrote to Niftyknits?

Yesterday a letter popped through the Niftyknits letterbox. (If you missed the start of our new adventure, you can read about it here).

Hmmm - a new line. "The Nifty Snail Cozy™"? You name it, I can knit it - but what exactly is a Nifty Snail Cozy™? I guess it's like a hat - and we've got plenty of experience with hats!

There's even a welder's helmet today, hot off the needles last night!

They're not very "snaily" though. I wonder how big Graham is?

We could measure the picture on this card from but it might not be life-size. Let's try google:

Wow. That would take a lot of yarn. Maybe there is a snail in the garden? Here's one - but he's in the pond.

Maybe not. He's a bit damp for a modelling assignment. Pop him back.

We've found a snail! He's bound to be the same size as Graham.

Right let's get knitting! If you'd like to read about the adventures of Graham the snail, he has his own facebook page here and I'm sure would welcome some new friends. We'll be back tomorrow with a prototype of The Nifty Snail Cozy™

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

OOOH look what came through the letterbox!

Hmmm. I don't know why they make letterboxes so high these days.

Still can't reach. Think I can see who it's addressed to though...Niftyknits!

Better fetch reinforcements.

Steady, steady...can you reach?

Oooops. You know what we need? A knight in shining armour.

Hurrah for St George and merry England!

Anything for a fair maiden, ma'am ;-)

So are we going to open it? I want to know who it's from!