Monday, 14 February 2011

Will I ever take my own advice?

Not likely, is it... ;-)

A few days ago, I had a message from someone, saying she thought she'd met me on a forum run by one of her friends. I didn't remember, but said it was entirely possible because I belong to so many...she replied that she couldn't remember which forum it was either.

And that reminded me...

Way back in January 2010 I blogged about Waggleforce. I'd listened to a free hour's talk by an American motivational speaker - not my usual pastime. Sadly the link to the talk is broken, but you can read my key points back on my blog here and here and here.

The absolute bottom line was to STOP rushing around spreading myself too thinly, spraying little promotions across lots and lots of networks. Instead, the speaker suggested finding three that work for ME and dig deep, really network with people.

So what have I done since then?

I now have four online shops
Niftyknits on Zibbet,
NiftyVintage on Zibbet,
Niftyknits on Etsy, Niftyknits on Folksy
facebook (three pages LOL)
I've been active in the Zibbet community and Zibbet facebook group and since the latest changes on Etsy forums I've joined several (not saying!!) new teams (I'm even a leader on one!) and still add my voice to the forums.
I use youtube
I know I belong to several other forums, but only remember them when I get messages saying someone wants to be my "friend"
somewhere there is a myspace page with my name on it...
Then of course there is my blog (funnily enough, I haven't found so much time for it lately)
and my newsletter
micromanaging my Project wonderful adverts

So - this is me...

Something has to give...I've realised that among other things I didn't include "design and knit my creations" in that list! Neither did I add sleeping, eating, enjoying being with my husband and family and all-round LIVING.

So - watch this space! Tomorrow I'm going to give you a knitting pattern :-)


AMIdesigns said...

I know exactly what you mean! I spend so much time online that sometimes the whole crafting bit goes out the window.

Jane Carlstrom said...

Bottom line - have you met your goals? for sales volume. If yes, that is great-- though maybe the total price was too high as your "living your life time decreased" -- don't know, just the flavor I read into your post. Your work certainly is super, your shops are fun to visit, people love having you for a friend, and enjoy your input in groups.

While I did not follow the Waggleforce guidelines either, did keep up with a news letter from them. It seems there was lots of icky spamming on the waggleforce forums, etc. There is something now to replace it, but I have not joined. The newsletter info is good though, I just do not have the drive to make things work at a high level. Anyway here is a link to Tory Johnson's main website Spark and Hustle That might get you or someone else to the info you mention.

Best wishes to you dear Nifty in finding the balance you desire, the money you wish to earn and the time to enjoy life with Mr Nifty and the Nifty youngun's

Heather Leavers said...

Thanks AMI :-)

And thank you Jane - you always cut to the chase! I don't think I have met my goals, because I was trying to do too much. I'd neglected Etsy for a while because I was concentrating on Zibbet. Started working on Etsy more often a week or so ago, and back came the sales. so I need to adjust my balance!

Unknown said...

You are spread rather thinly aren't you! I'm resisting the temptation to open any more shops, join any more guilds or set up any more anythings!!
I may get some work done someday soon...

Heather Leavers said...

I could add more to the list after more thought Averilpam - that's why I need to do some serious pruning.

joy said...

its so easy to spread too thin, isn't it? I have 4 shops, but dont really spend much time promoting any of them, hence low sales, I have eased out of forums, and just stick to facebook now, and I actually get to spend a reasonable amount of time NOT sitting at my PC - also switch it off at 6pm, evenings are sacrosanct, for eating and knitting only.