Friday, 18 February 2011

Undiscovered on zibbet...

Adrienne of DancingRainbows makes beautiful rainbows to wear and sparkly sun catchers. She also has a second shop, Treasures from Nature where she sells her fabulous scenic photo cards.

Rainbow Bridge

You may recall I posted some photos from recently of her Sales Fairy Meerkat she won in my giveaway?

Whilst the sales fairy works her magic, let's get to know Dancing Rainbows:

Do you have a favourite colour?

Color is powerful. My favorite color is what ever color makes you feel special and beautiful. Some days it might be pink, sometimes green...or it could be a purple day.

Pretty in Pinks

What's your favourite item in your shop of all time?

Creating a Sun Catcher that catches as much light as possible is such a treat and challenge. I think Sea Shell is my favorite Sun Catcher.

Jewellery is a crowded marketplace - how do you make your work stand out from the crowd?

I wear my designs all the time. I always get compliments. I price my jewelry very fairly...mainly because I enjoy the craft and the beauty. I enjoy creating something special for you.

Connect the dots

Do you have a favourite shop?

WOW, do I have to have a favorite shop? The problem is, I have several for different reasons.
I love the creativity that each artist brings to Zibbet. Each shop is very special on it's own and you can feel the energy and love that each artist puts into their work. Whether it's Niftyknits and those wonderful Meerkats or Becky West and her yummy soaps or Daresa and her Clay Art, or Judy with her Portable Graffiti..., I couldn't say which one I like best; and those are just a few that come to mind.

What you learned about selling online that you would like to share with us?

I have learned to never give up and attention to detail is extremely important.
If something doesn't seem to be working, then find a way to work it. If that means new photos in your shop or new wording for your items, you do what you have to.

Thank you - I agree. There is always something else we can do to improve the appearance and desirability of our products.

Why not head over to DancingRainbows and Treasures from Nature and see what catches your eye?


Chloe said...

Groovy feature and beautiful work, those sun catchers are dazzling (^_^)

I've heard of Zibbet, but never visited before, but i will now i know someone over there =D

Chloe x

RWestDesigns said...

Adrienne is so nice and her Sun catchers are SO BEAUTIFUL! I have a few that she has sent in to Z Box for giveaways, and I am going to purchase a few in the very near future! I LOVE sparkly and they are definitely SPARKLY!! Also I have some of her photo cards she has sent in for Z Box and they are gorgeous photos, one of them made me long to go sit on the beach in that photo! I almost felt as if I were already there when looking at her photo! She does excellent work and you will not be disappointed with a purchase from her!

~ Rebecca

Portable Graffiti said...

Gosh thanks Adrienne for mentioning my shop as one of your favorites. Yours is also one of my favorites.

Congrats on being featured here and also on winning the contest.


Sunfire said...

Great feature! Reposting on Facebook!