Monday, 7 February 2011

Superbowl adverts - which was your favourite?

Superbowl Sunday yesterday! I'm not known as a sports fan, so didn't pay too much attention when the husband recorded the BBC coverage to watch today. My friend Sandie had told me to watch out for the adverts...but of course the BBC cut them all out!

According to our paper yesterday the advertisers pay $100,000 per SECOND!

(Instead we were treated to opinions from pundits every time there was a break. *yawn*)

Thankfully, my other good friend Google found the adverts for me here (all 61 of them LOL)

My personal favourite is the cute little Darth Vader.

Christina Aguilera had to apologise for fumbling the words of the National Anthem. Personally I thought she should also have apologised for making the song so twiddly and all about her, rather than about her country.

It reminded me of this memorable UK political moment though - do you remember this? The Secretary of State for Wales presumably hadn't realised he might one day be at an event when the Welsh National Anthem might be sung...


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The undomesticated scientist said...

what a cool ad! reminds me of my friends playing 'bucket fairy' with one of their little lads. it involved a bucket and some outside light which the bucket fairy could switch on and off if bucket placed over light (person inside with light switch by the way). kept him entertained for hours!