Thursday, 24 February 2011

Seascapes: new work in progress

I love the sea. Mr Nifty and I plan to move to live by the sea one day, but for now we're just visitors, walking along the shore looking for doubloons and other treasures (what is a doubloon, anyway? I expect I'll recognise one when I find it)

Last week we picked up weathered driftwood from the high tide line at Rye (seen here on my kitchen tablecloth!)

I'm not *quite* sure what I'm going to do with it yet. I've been knitting seascapes (well, why not?) and I'm considering making a frame with pieces of the wood ad then somehow lacing the knit between the wood - in my head, it'll be like the way a trampoline mat is suspended between the metal supports (but vertcial!)

My other idea is to make (or buy) some box frames and fit the knit into a box. This box isn't the right size (owing to not having planned this in advance!) but I'm imagining extending the "beach" section along the bottom "shelf" and maybe making it more 3D. What do you think?

*finally discovered why I bought those tiny sea beads!*


Chloe said...

ooo i love the driftwood =D can't help collecting it when im on the beach (^_^)

i really like your driftwood frame idea! The soft knit & the rough wood look really groovy together - i'd have that on my wall any day =D xx

Unknown said...

I think that sounds pretty cool to me, a fab idea. Would look awesome with driftwood tied in corners with string (sort of crossed over) and yarn attached to that... :)
Brill! x

Heather Leavers said...

Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if it's only me that likes an idea, so it's good to get opinions from others. Charlie you've made me feel relieved, no need to get hammer and nails and boy-stuff out!

Heavenly Princess said...

The driftwood looks like a great idea. Like Cloe' said, the soft knit and rough wood are a great artistic contrast!

Jordan Elizabeth