Sunday, 30 January 2011

Meerkat Sales Fairy Adventure!

Remember my giveaway? The little sales fairy has now arrived at the home of her new owner, Adrienne of DancingRainbows in Arizona and has sent me some photos to share with you - I'm *very* jealous of the sunshine, it's pretty dismal here in the UK, cold and windy. You can enlarge each photo by clicking on it.

I like your new name, Rose! An English rose has become a Desert Rose :-)

Rose got to work pretty quickly, meerkats are very industrious.
Treasures from nature

Suncatchers from DancingRainbows

Thank you Adrienne for sharing Rose's photos! You will be able to learn more about DancingRainbows in a few weeks time when she is my featured Zibbeter - and if you'd like your own sales fairy, you know where to find them!


Barbra said...

What clever photos! Of course, I would have done the same if I won....just sayin'!

PaperOnParade said...

Awesome! Love to see pics like this and all the fun a meerkat can have:)!!!