Saturday, 22 January 2011

The chip shop saga continues!

I met the journo yesterday and mentioned the chipshop piece had made me a *tad* unpopular at the post office. When I took in my most recent parcels they were sniffed (as a joke) by staff at the counter to show they hadn't got any food smells! I was assured I wouldn't be in the paper this week.

This week's piece shows even the Mayor opposes the plan - he apparently deals in extractor fans, and implies they won't be up to the job.

Relieved not to be quoted, I moved on to the letters page *eeek*!

I feel sure my photo will hang in the fish and chip shop when it eventually opens:
*Do not serve this woman* :-)

Beginning to wish I hadn't placed an objection in the first place - but I *am* concerned about the smell, and it's my right to object, that's what planning permission is all about, seeking the opinion of the locals.

Still feel like a marked woman though!

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