Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Some houses just look better with snow...it's not ours!

nor is this ...

each of these shots was along the route of my walk this afternoon

So Christmassy!

Even the local pigs seem to be enjoying the snow!

I love the way the snow accents the skeletal branches

This last photo is a shot I've retaken every winter since we moved here - this house is quite near us (nothing like our own home!!) and it just looks perfect with snow.

Home now - to light the fire! We don't usually have anything like this much snow in November - brrrrr!


Aloha Letterpress said...

Oh, it all looks so wonderful and snowy like in picture books! Living in Hawaii, strangely we sometimes have some snow on the top of Haleakala, but never like this!

Barbra said...

Snow is absolutely stunning....when you're indoors!!!Stay warm and knit!