Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Morning Woohoos!

No no no, not Monday morning blues ;-)

Actually, I suppose it could be greens - I want to share my newest Meerkat with you...not sure what to call him, maybe ZuperKat? Or SuperZeerKat? He's a customizable Zibbet Superhero, inspired by the fabulous way Zibbet treats its sellers.

If you're getting tired of feeling trampled and ignored, I can highly recommend Zibbet. Premium accounts are a great deal right now, and the basic free account now allows your first *FIFTY* listings FREE.

You can find Jess (Developer) and Jonathan (CEO) on the forum regularly, helping and supporting us. Of course, it still isn't a case of "list it and they will buy" :-) but it's a great site, and growing all the time!

Who is *your* Zibbet Superhero?

1 comment:

Aloha Letterpress said...

I vote for Zuperkat. He's so cute.