Wednesday, 24 November 2010

International shipping?

I blogged some tips about selling internationally recently and want to add a note about shipping, this time from a buyer's perspective.

Many online buyers are creatures of impulse - so if you're going to offer international shipping, I recommend doing your homework. I often see sellers writing "just ask me for a quote for international shipping" - but for me, that just won't do.

I'm in the UK. If I spot something I want to buy in the morning, and send you (in the States) a message asking about shipping costs, even if you answer me straight away (which of course you might not) it's already afternoon here. I've probably bought from another shop by now (I did say I was impulsive!)

A seller recently quoted me over $13 for priority mail from the States. After she investigated further, it turned out the same item could ship for just over $3 first class, a price we were both very happy with.

So - I guess what I want to say is, don't let the post office get all the profit! We all accept, I'm sure, that shipping overseas is going to be more expensive than locally - but recently I saw something I rather wanted, priced at under $20 with free shipping. When I looked more closely, it turned out free shipping was only for the States - and to me, in the UK, shipping was $25! I didn't buy.

Now I know it's not always easy, especially if the items you sell are all different weights - but if you want those international buyers, maybe it's worth the extra effort? I'd be nowhere without my overseas sales!

UK sellers can find international shipping prices here

USA sellers can calculate prices here

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