Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Props - part two!

On Sunday I asked you to share with us the props you use to make your photos *pop* - and here are some of the responses:

I'm going to start with Pamela of Bazketmakr. I don't generally consider myself a very visual person, but if I read that her tiny basket is 10mm x 14mm I just think "Ok, that's pretty small". For me, seeing one balancing on her fingertip is a fabulous use of a prop! Now I *really* know it's tiny!

Aileen used a hydrangea flower and some stones to set off her new cuff. I think the colours in the flower really enhance her work.

LaughingFridge guessed (correctly in my case!) that we'd misread the title of her musical background behind this froggy magnet!

ZaftigDelights uses a huge soup bowl to hang her earrings from. I like the hint of reflection in the shiny surface.

I'm picturing Jackie from DogDaisy gazing around her kitchen and spotting the lemons she's used in this photo. The contrasting textures and colour work really well.

Nikid uses slices of lime to enhance her gorgeous chocolate clouds

Own up - how many of you are now desperate for chocolate? I shall have to ask Nikid for commission ;-)


Unknown said...

Mmmmm... lime! lots of exciting and inventive props

Jaci said...

I love that fiber art piece - amazing!
And the chocolates, here I thought they were meringues! How did I miss they are chocolate?!?!?

Studio By The Forest said...

Wow, I really do love how the props make the items pop!

Unknown said...

Liking the look of the chocolate clouds, does she do samples...............!
I tend to have no props no colour, nothing! I use white wall and white card or mantle shelf and use shadow.
Otherwise in the garden against white painted brick wall, white old painted door or a mosacic shell wall.
The only prop I can think of I love and will be using again is the olf chair (with no seat..

Unknown said...

These are such fabulous photos, Heather! Thanks for sharing all these photo prop ideas, and thank you for showing off my soup bowl technique! ;o)


Heather Leavers said...

Thanks everyone - and blondedesign that's the most perfect use of a chair with no seat!

Jaci you got me worried then, thought I'd misrepresented nikid's work!

Aileen Clarke Crafts said...

Great Heather! Thank you so much : ) I'll have to get creative over the next while with the props though as the garden flowers are all dying off. I think there is one hardy bit of honeysuckle left then it will be shop bought flowers....what a shame, I'll have to buy myself flowers every week!
Those chocolate clouds have me reaching for a teaspoon and the Nutella jar as a way of fulfilling the instant craving they gave me!

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

HEY - THANKS! I did not expect to see my key lime clouds here! Every item you included is AWESOME! Nice products and pictures everyone!

Pamela Zimmerman said...

hi nifty you are right, i do use props! thanks for featuring my little basket (and finger.) You are so good with this blog stuff, you always have a great new idea, and i love it!

laughingfridge said...

Heather, thanks so much for featuring our froggy photo prop with the subliminal message, heehee.

The other photos and items are fantastic in their use of props!

Wonderful blog!


SassySashadoxie said...

Aw so many cute things. Love the frog magnet for sure. :)