Friday, 10 September 2010

Asphodeline...the tale continues!

Remember my mystery plant? Kim identified it as asphodeline (thank you!) and it's now set seed.

Of course, because the flowers grew in a random order - the seed pods are ripening randomly too.

They're like tiny pyramids - I wonder if they'll grow?


Kim van Waardenburg said...

I bet they will grow, your plant probably got as a little seed in your garden too:)
It might just take some years before it flowers, I don't know:)

Studio By The Forest said...

Very interesting pods! I've never seen one of those before!

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Unusual! Not seen a plant like this before...the seeds are interesting too (-:

laughingfridge said...

Never heard of or seen this plant, but that's not unusual, my thumb is only slightly green. Odd shape seeds for sure, very interesting!

Unknown said...

You would have a plant called ass-fondle-ine.


Heather Leavers said...

rofl JillHannah - only you would notice!