Monday, 9 August 2010

Descriptions: part 2

Yesterday I showcased Celeste of CricketsCreations, today I'd like to introduce Cindy of Yellowbugboutique.

Cindy's descriptive writing works (for me) in an entirely different way. When I first saw this pillow I wasn't at all sure what it meant (you're probably quicker than I am!)

WASD pillow

The picture intrigued me though, so I read the description:

If you're under the age of thirty, you probably understand the significance of these four keyboard keys. These are the keys you've abused in marathon running, jumping, shooting, casting, straefing, climbing or diving sessions. These are the keys that gave millions of leftys an unfair advantage. These are the keys that made fortunes for orthopedic surgeons specializing in carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you're over the age of thirty, you likely have no idea what the heck we're talking about. That's OK. Just be confident that you could give this as a gift to one of the younger set and they'd be thrilled. They'd probably even think you were pretty cool for knowing what these keys symbolize

Under 30s are now feeling all nostalgic - and over 30s like me are discovering a way to be cool! Cindy is using the description in an entirely different way to Celeste, but is (I think) equally effective.

One more - I don't know about you, but these descriptions make me wish Cindy could come round for tea, but it's a long way across the pond for a cuppa.

Here in our fabulously exciting, over-stimulated Yellow Bug Bungalow, we sometimes get completely overwhelmed by the joy! the wonder! the pure delight that each day brings! In such moments, we often find ourselves swinging from the chandeliers and singing "I Gotta Be Me" at the top of our lungs.

It's hard to keep the shop stocked when we're in such moods.

So here's our antidote - the meh pillow. This baby will suck the over-enthusiasm out of a room faster than you can say "Paula Abdul". Just give this pillow to your overly optimistic boss, your chihuahua with an hyperactive bladder, or your friend who's waaay too into politics, and watch the tone come down to post-Ritalin levels.

Conversely, when we're looking at our sales figures and our rapidly-dwindling bank accounts, and wondering which piece of furniture we should break up for firewood next, this pillow helps get us back on an even keel. "It's just great Aunt Edna's priceless boudoir set", you'll hear us say. "She's been dead for years. Pass the hatchet."

So it's 12 by 12, and made from black ultrasuede. If you want one, cool. If not, no worries.

I think I'll go lie down for a while.

Note: Fez not included. (betting I'm the only person who wrote *that* phrase today)

Meh. Pillow

Thanks Cindy! After reading your descriptions I really feel like I've got a friend round for a drink and a giggle - thank you. Another twist on writing descriptions tomorrow - see you then!


Adien Crafts said...

Great article, I'm now hooked on reading descriptions and improving my own, thanks!

Sam said...

Great set of articles - I wish it was as easy to do as it was to read!

Lots of food for thought.

Sam x (A Simple Melody)

Heather Leavers said...

LOL Sam - I was rather hoping that by posting these articles the skill would somehow drift into my own shops...

Arty said...

Great article. Descriptions are always challenging for me too and it's my least favorite part when listing an item.
I believe we need a clear head to have the descriptive ideas come to us and a bit of practice.

My Mother's Garden said...

Well, I'm definitely in the over 30 crowd that doesn't have a clue what these letters mean. I must say that her writing style is full of energy that brings her products lots of pizazz!

Studio By The Forest said...

I'm over 30, but I knew...I think that might be worse! I love descriptions like that, they make me much better than the bare bones type!

Crickets Creations: Handcrafted Fashion Accessory Scarves and Fringies Professional Photo Portrait Props said...

Love your irreverent humor, Cindy!
Celeste (Crickets)

Portable Graffiti said...

Great article!

Heather Leavers said...

Thanks everyone!

leapinggazelle said...

Now I'm really inspired! Cindy, you should start writing novels... I love your descriptions. Your words really drew me in. What a great series Heather :)

YellowBugBoutique said...

Thanks so much for including me's strange but cool to see your name in print. Seriously, your series is a great's so much fun to see the differences in styles!

ps..the check is in the mail!

Heather Leavers said...

LOL I wish!

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

COOLIO!!! Great post Heather! Now I feel my feeble attempt at describing my products is very underwhelming! SIGH......

Heather Leavers said...

Nicole...I know what you mean!

Unknown said...

Another fantastic post!