Monday, 26 July 2010

This is …Bohemian Bear

Pride and Prejudice earrings

I made a new friend on Etsy Forums recently, and when I discovered she was a trekkie I knew I had to invite her over!

Favourite colour?

Pink. Or better yet pink + black. Black kicks it up a notch. (Can there be glitter?)

Nifty ponders...Yes, I think we can allow glitter!

Trek stickers

Favourite smell?

Chocolate. Not dark chocolate though. Believe it or not, eating scads of fatty/sweet dark chocolate won’t make you healthy no matter how many articles you read about it. Oh, sorry, was that a rant? :)

Favourite place?

Home. Surrounded by MY stuff, playing by MY rules.

Nifty: That's my girl!

Favourite sound?

My daughter’s laughter. It’s cheesy, I know, but there’s nothing better in all the world than knowing my child is happy.

Nifty has spotted your daughter modelling in your shop - she certainly looks happy in her work!


I usually ask what is your favourite way to spend your time, but I’m going to assume your answer is “watching Trek!”

Favourite Star Trek episode and/or film? Why?

The Next Generation is my favorite show. I grew up with that one. Picard will always be the epitome of a good captain.

Jean Luc Meerkat by Niftyknits

My favorite episode is actually from DS9, The Ascent, where Quark and Odo are stranded on a planet together.

Nifty's favourite episode, since you ask, is Trials and Tribble-ations. I'd never seen this "how it was made" before! There are 3 other youtube episodes but I'll leave you to find them for yourselves.

Favourite character: who would you most like to meet (or be)…and why?

Melora Pazlar from a DS9 episode (Melora). Her planet has very low-gravity and they can fly. Nuf said.

Nifty: Oooh yes. I seem to recall she spent some lowG time with Bashir...wonder what they did?

Favourite trek quote?

Favourite item in your shop of all time?

-Well, I *have* to go with this one. It’s so great. You can wear it to work and only Trekkies will know what it is. “regular” people just think it’s a cool brooch.
comm badge

Nifty's favourite bit from the item description: "Please note, that no matter how hard you smack your comm badge, Scotty you won't be beaming you anywhere. But I'm working on that issue!"

And getting serious for a moment – What has been the most useful lesson you’ve learnt so far that you’d like to pass on to our readers?

Having sold on eBay for several years (several years ago) I knew it wouldn’t be easy to start out again. It takes a lot of persistence. You have to really enjoy the creating AND the business side of it or you’ll just make it into a chore. If you don’t put your heart into your shop it will show. Hopefully one day my creative persistence will also feed and clothe my family.

Good luck with that...and live long and prosper!

You can find Kristi here, she has much much more than Trek fanware for you to admire (and buy!):


Beth Howard said...

I won't lie... I'm a little in love <3

Flowers said...

Ah, Kristi is great. Love folowing your blog.